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Who: Zetsu and Tobi
What: Zetsu entrusts Tobi with a murderous plant, hurts Tobi and then tries to nurse his trust back up
When: .... >_> Uh... ask Jayden :D
Warnings: Shounen-ai hints. :D Molesting of shoulders~

He was sitting on Zetsu's bed, bored with waiting, but too tired to be childish(at the moment). In isolation, Tobi kept his feet planted on the stone floor, gloved hands on his knees. His eyes were downcast, occasionally flickering with bright red-browns and pearl-blues as the lightning flashed through the windows. It was still raining, of course. It was a good thing though, spring was always something good for the garden. It made the plants happy again.

He sighed, Zetsu had told him to come... how long ago now? He was rather surprised by the tardiness, it was so unlike the man, though he wouldn't hold it against him. There must have been something important that came me up.

Waiting... waiting... Tobi sighed, whining loudly before huffing. "Zetsu-saaaaan!"

Zetsu stood out in the hall a moment, golden yellow eyes looking down upon some parchment or other before his ears caught wind of the whine escaping his room. There were several comments Zetsu wanted to make to himself, about what the whines sounded like, but as he refrained from speaking he started off. With a slow saunter down the hall, the plant-man pushed open the half open door with his white palm and tapped it closed with his black.

"Do you have to be such a crybaby all the time?" He asked upon entrance, sighing and removing his heavy jacket as he did so. His room was always rather warm, a tropical warm, due to the plants he kept within it.

"It's your fault for making him wait so long." The man then said to himself, rolling his glowing eyes and tossing aside the cloak. At least he seemed to be in an otherwise good mood.

Smiling dumbly at the sight of his former master, he nodded his head and waved. "Mm." He ran a hand through his hair, to remove stray strands from drifting too close to his blind eye and kept a still gaze on the (would be) eerie golden orbs. "So, what is it, Zetsu-san?" He asked, jumping slightly as another boom of thunder rang out and vibrated in the room.

Zetsu glanced out the dark window before turning back to Tobi, hands busily toying with his jacket before it was hung the cloak. He didn't want it on the chair anymore.

"I need you to feed my plants again." He said, motioning for the boy to stand. "I'll be gone for a while, once more. And you know I can't trust anyone else." Even as he spoke, a part of him was snickering.

Tobi smiled contently, standing up in an instant. "Ok!" He paused though. "You're going again? But you just got back, sensei!" He pursed his lips and placed gloved hands on his hips, looking at the cacti which was set on the wardrobe top and the fern which was suspended in the air by a hook and thread that held it.

Zetsu worked far too hard...

"Yes, well... things came up." The man replied, walking across the room. "But I have to show you something." Zetsu then stated, hand waving for him to come forward as he looked down at his glorious line of exotic plants across the far wall.

"This here, is new, and needs extra care." He said, pointing down at some large thing that looked more like an animal than plant. It was a fly trap, not just any trap. It was... family.

Upon inspecting it, he nodded and crouched, hands on his knees as he tilted his head to look more quizzical. "Wow!" He smiled up at his master. "It looks like it has teeth." He nodded and wiggled a fingers in front of it, watching the bulbs of dicotyledon decent stay ever still.

He was proud Zetsu would entrust such a dear plant with him, and vowed he would tend to it every moment of the day.

"Careful." Zetsu warned, even as the plant started to snap. "It's active."

"Make sure not to bleed on the floor." Stated the second Zetsu then, smirking. "He drinks only blood."

Tobi pulled his hand back and nodded. "Oh..." He replied, staring at the plant from afar. "It won't take water like the others?" He asked, looking up at the tall man, careful to scoop the plant up by the large pot, moving it to the dresser top, in order to have a better view.

The plant snapped at Tobi again, but the boy was out of reach. "It will, for some time." Zetsu said as he watched from behind Tobi. "But you'll kill it if it doesn't get fed fresh blood." The man paced once and stopped.

"It doesn't matter who's. Just don't ask for it, take it, you fool." The black advised simply. "No one will consent."

Knitting his brows together, Tobi nodded. "Don't you have a supply, Zetsu-san?" He asked, not wanting to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it. But then again... maybe Zetsu would give some to the plant...

He chuckled, but stepping forward he held out his naked forearm. In the silence of the room there was a chomp as skin broke and red blood spilled into the plants mouth and pot.

"Don't over feed." Zetsu said almost cautiously. "It'll become unmanageable if you do."

"I won't mind if you do. Then you'll die, be out of our hair for good." The words were followed by an obviously annoyed sigh.

"Don't let him bite you if you don't want to feed him again."

Tobi nodded, watching the arm bead with translucent ruby gems, and shivered slightly. "O...Okay..." He looked up at Zetsu. "When are you going, sir?"

"Within the next few days." Zetsu said softly, pulling his arm away almost fiercely from the plant. "I wasn't told when, specifically." The man elaborated slightly, looking down at the blood on his arm with a longing in his eyes like he wanted to eat it off. However, he did not, and wrapped it quickly with nearby supplies.

Tobi simply came closer, holding out his hands to offer assistance. "Is it another scouting mission, Zetsu-san?" He asked, tugging on the small cloth that was now cradling the long ulna. "Hm?" He asked again.

A small glance back at the plant and it causes Tobi to fret. "How long will you be gone?" He didn't want to have to hurt anyone(for too long...).

"I'm not sure." Zetsu said, looking down at Tobi as he let his arm hang in the boys hands and be fixed. The room grew silent as he stared in some sort of awe at Tobi, inwardly he was raging.

"A few days." The man said, keeping himself sidetracked from the boy in front of him.

His lips purse and he nods. "Less than a week, right?" He asked, looking up with hope in his eyes(this place could be so boring without Zetsu).

Once finished fastening the bandage he nods and lets Zetsu's arm droop back at his side, cocking his head slightly. "Right?" He asked again, demanding an answer.

"Sure kid, whatever you say." Kuro hissed his as good arm rose and knocked Tobi back into the dresser roughly. The household item shook and the pot with the dangerous blood sucking plant tilted over onto its side, teeth closing harshly down on the boys shoulder.

"Oh my, sorry kid." He stated, watching the green beast eat away until Shiro stepped in. Reaching out, he pressed the stem of the plant tightly between two fingers and the mouth opened as if it were suddenly some limp noodle. Red blood, Tobi's blood, dripped across the floor and Zetsu's hand.

Tobi had tears in his eyes from the assault on his body, feeling his left shoulder burn with anguish and some sort of ripping, stretching, numbing pain. He was rather shocked that a good portion of his layers had been ripped(being the trench coat, sweater and t-shirt he wore on his upper body) and whimpered slightly before shuffling away from the plant. "Z-Zetsu-san..." He blubbered, bringing one gloved hand to his bleeding joint, sniffing as the tears now fell freely.

If Zetsu were two separate bodies, Shiro would have possibly killed Kuro, however, there was no time for that. Mentally shoving Kuro away into nonexistence, Zetsu reached out for Tobi and hugged him. Actually held him in his arms while glaring at the vicious plant. He'd known full well that plant would be trouble, but he hadn't thought this much trouble.

"Tobi-san, are you alright?" He asked, releasing the boy from his hold and removing the jacket to get a better look at the wound. Oh... blood. He bit his lip, forcing back the urge as he grabbed the hem of the sweater to pull that off over Tobi's head. "I'm sorry."

Tobi struggled slightly, as he hated to have people see him without his clothes on. Not specifically the humility, he just hated having people see his scars(even if Zetsu was the one to find him, he still didn't like it). However, after another moment, he yelped and allowed Zetsu to pull the jacket and shirt off, sitting still while hiccoughing and sniffing to himself.

"Zetsu-san... That hurt." He said, as if he wanted to undermine the excruciating pain that was racking through his body.

Zetsu nodded as he peeled away the fabric and looked down at the injury. "I know." He said softly. "I'm sorry." The man stated, then sat back on his heels.

"Take off your shirt, I can't fix it otherwise."

Squirming on the spot, he nodded, hiccuping again, slowly tugging the shirt upwards and over his head, but was very careful as he pealed the rest of the fabric from his shoulder(the blood made it stick and that hurt like the removal of a large bandage which was no longer needed.). "M-mm... Zetsu-san..." He whined, watching him with tears in both eyes.

"Shhhh, it's okay." Zetsu whispered, hand whipping away a tear as he put his other hand on Tobi's upper arm -while avoiding the wound- and sighed. It was worse than he'd thought, but there wasn't much he could do besides clean it and bandage it. But the blood... it made him have to turn away and take a deep breath, but even the smell was in the air. He was going to go crazy soon!(Crazier)

"I have to get more bandage." He said. "Don't move." With that, he fled from the room to restrain himself from causing the boy pain and clear his mind. Bandage, meanwhile, was not needed as there was plenty sitting atop a desk.

Tobi sniffed and nodded, watching Zetsu go, and hesitantly turned back to the plant, crying to himself still. That horrible thing hurt him! Sliding back until his back was to the front-left bed post, he bowed his head, using his other hand to carefully remove his scarf to dab away more of the blood which was tickling his now sensitive skin.

He had to say, it was easy to breath without all the tight clothing and he also liked to mention how cool the air was without it. It was normally so hot as he was adamant to keep all those layers on in the first place.

After some time, perhaps a minute or so, Zetsu returned without bandage but he looked better. Looking around, as Tobi had moved from where he'd left him, he sighed and held out his hand as he sat on his bed.

"Come up here." He stated, bandages from the desk in hand as he'd grabbed them on the way by. "I'm too old to get down on the floor again."

Tobi nodded and slowly brought himself to his feet, whimpered quietly and let the scarf drop to the floor before sitting beside Zetsu. "Si...Sir, it really hurts..." he shivered now, looking at the bandage(hoping to all that is Holy that Zetsu didn't want to rub him with any sort of that liquid that 'cleaned' wounds. He would howl and scream for sure.).

Zetsu nodded, pain in his eyes for Tobi. "I know." He said softly, hand hovering over the wound before sitting at his side. In his other hand he did have ointment, but he was sure it would burn nonetheless, though it was all he could do. Sighing, he uncapped the small item and scooped out a small bit. At least the wounds weren't deep, so it would be over quick.

Upon the sight of the small container Tobi backed away. "N-no no.. Zetsu-san..." He whimpered, the tears reappearing again. "It will hurt more!" He shivered, sniffing slightly.

"Only for a minute." Zetsu responded. "Do you want it to get better?" He asked, putting the container on the bed and pressing his hand to Tobi's chest as if to hold him still. "Don't move."

Tobi whimpered and squirmed only through means of shudders, eyes bleeding tears which he squeezed out in hopes of making Zetsu feel as guilty as possible. So that way he didn't have to have that acidic substance burn at his skin. "M-Mm..."

Watching, Zetsu did feel bad, but there wasn't much he could do. Shaking his head, his hand which was once on Tobi's chest moved to around his ribs and pulled him forward. The feeling on Tobi's shoulder shouldn't have been painful, as it wasn't ointment on the boys flesh but Zetsu's mouth. The man made no sound as he licked up the blood with his eyes closed, massive green trap around his shoulders wide open and no longer in the way.

Tobi could never fathom all the thoughts deep inside his former masters head(as there would be too many for one person to count) and he could only guess that there was a poison inside of him that Zetsu had to suck out, as this would be the only real reason the man would keep his lips to his skin. And it was the only use of lips on flesh that Zetsu had taught him(as of yet).

The occasional grazing of teeth left him to emit small, nervous whimpers though he remained generally still as that was the only natural thing to do when someone was licking, sucking and biting so close to the neck(even Tobi followed the instinctual code).

After a time Zetsu sat back and licked the remaining blood from his lips as his hand smeared ointment onto Tobi's flesh before the boy could regain himself.

"Not so bad." Shiro said in his deep voice, wiping the extra ointment off on his trousers as he looked down at Tobi. "All done."

He sniffed slightly and nodded, bringing his hands to his wet eyes, rubbed them dry before biting his lip. Tobi waited patiently for the bandage to be wound around his arm and stayed shivering, nervous- Just in case Zetsu's angry side woke up again.

"Stop shaking," Zetsu commanded (though in a kind tone) as he started to wrap up the arm. After a moment, he finished and tied it off before sitting back. "It's not that bad. You'll be in more pain later in life than this. It's not worth getting upset over." He advised.

"...." Tobi pursed his lower lip, rubbing his eyes again before sighing. "Ya.. But it still hurts..." He looked at Zetsu again, sighing. "Why did you push me?"

"You know not to ask me questions I can-"

"I pushed you, brat, 'cause I was hungry." Hissed Kuro as he finally came out of 'hiding'. Looking down on Tobi, the creature smirked. "Your blood tastes good."

"...." Tobi sighed and looked at Zetsu sadly. "Oh..." Of course, from all the love his one side offered him, there was a side of Zetsu who absolutely hated him.

To be honest, he wasn't sure how to reply to that, he didn't want Zetsu to eat him, if he was ever hungry, he would know to lead him directly into the kitchen.

Zetsu himself wasn't sure what to say as the scent of blood lingered and the taste hung on his tongue, but he wanted more. He wouldn't eat the child, Tobi was a co-worker and an ex-subordinate that he rather liked; compared to the other boobs on the Akatsuki. Even if Tobi was rather... missing crayons upstairs, he was a good kid.

Reaching out, both his black and white hands grabbed Tobi around the middle as he moved in and gently kissed at Tobi's neck on the opposite side of the injury.

Tobi shut his eyes and flinched slightly, looking back at him with rather confused and frightened eyes. Now he was going after his neck? "Zetsu...?" he asked, nervously, feeling the body grow closer and warmer. "Don't eat me." He whimpered, naively commenting on the feather light brushes over his sensitive skin.

"I'm not going to eat you, stupid." Kuro hissed into the boys skin as he held little Tobi in an almost gentle manner.

"Tobi-san, this isn't something you should fear." Shiro offered, though it was hardly helpful when you had a giant half-plant half-man cannibal kissing your neck.

Of course, because of the lack of 'crayons(as Zetsu would put it)' Tobi had up there, he did not remember developments he most likely should have. "M-Mm..." He nods, keeping still and stiff, sliding his fingers over Zetsu's shoulder as the angle was rather uncomfortable if he didn't hold on. But if both of the tones Zetsu had said it was ok... then it was.

Tobi would never learn, Zetsu knew, not if he kept listening to everything he himself said. Sure, this wasn't something to fear, but it wasn't something everyone did either. At least not on a leader to subordinate basis, or man to man in some cases. However, perhaps Tobi would come to like it or at least get over his shakes.

Zetsu sighed into the child's skin as he thought, hand pressed gently to Tobi's back to hold him close. He felt Tobi's hand at his shoulder, latching on to him, and while he knew Tobi did it out of instinct rather than affection and needed, Zetsu ignored it. As time past by, Zetsu eventually pulled back and looked down at Tobi with a small shake of his head while his eyes stared at the mark on the boys neck. Oops.

"I'm sorry, Tobi-san." The man said, getting up and wiping his lower lip with the back of his hand.

"No you're not." Kuro piped up, voice filled with some sort of laughter or joy. "You enjoyed it as much as I. Fess up." Shiro didn't seem to be in the fessing mood and stayed silent. What he'd done was wrong.

But so was killing people to eat them.

Tobi tilted his head and smiled, "That's okay, Zetsu-san." He replied, sounding tired, voice forced to take a soft tone. He almost hesitated before adding his second hand and hugged Zetsu before yawning. "Mm..." This was something fun, to do, and he blinked when he saw Zetsu's hand sport his blood. He hadn't really noticed, it actually tickled, whatever Zetsu was trying to do to him.

He watched the golden orbs and looked curious. "Is something wrong, Zetsu-san?"

"No." Zetsu returns as he sat there, almost awkwardly. With a quick wipe of his hand on his trousers he looked off to the side, distracting himself. Zetsu didn't want to get hooked on Tobi's blood, or his flesh, that would never be a good thing; even if it was nice. With a heavy sigh the man stood up and turned his back on Tobi.

"I'm thirsty." He said crassly. "We're going downstairs."

"Can I come?" He asks, whining slightly as he was left to sit on the bed and lick his wounds(figuratively) with a careful tap of his fingers on raw shoulder. Tobi was eager to stick next to Zetsu, even though the darker of the man had been talking more these passed few minutes.

Rocking forward, so he was able to seem more assertive and tentative, he smiled dumbly and watched the man with naivety. How was he supposed to know that Zetsu was uncomfortable(what gave the man the right to leave him now? He was the cause of the accident and now he was awkward after kissing him. Tobi was the one who should be uncomfortable.)?


"Do whatever you want." Well, Mr. Crabby-Pants was definitely no longer in a good mood, though perhaps a drink would calm the black beast. The white just sighed and held the door open for Tobi to signal he was indeed welcome. It was not that the fact he was uncomfortable, but rather worried. Suppose he was to take a liking toward Tobi's blood, then what? Tobi would be nothing, not even flesh and bones, when Zetsu was done with him if so given the chance. Easily the cannibal could over power Tobi, and part of the man doubted greatly that any of the others around here would help the boy.

Strangely enough, out of all the years Tobi had been by Zetsu's side and witnessed him devour so many people- mercilessly- Tobi has never thought of himself as a possible candidate for the man's teeth. He never thought Zetsu would want to eat him. There were so many nice people out there who probably tasted better than him anyway.

Tobi eagerly stood up and winced as he rubbed the bandage- being the only dressing on his upper body- before making his way next to Zetsu and out the door. "Hm, what do you want to drink, sensei?" He asked, feeling himself shiver- only momentarily- before calming to the evening air.

"Water is fine." Zetsu said, pausing at the door and grabbing his jacket and shrugging it on over his arms. Couldn't go out without his jacket on now could he, that could 'cause a ruckus.

"Are you thirsty, Tobi-san?"

"Not really." He replied, more concerned with the dull throbbing of his shoulder. "Mm..." He sighed and located the next flight of stairs before waiting for his master to start walking before him- in case a hand were to shove him down the stone steps.

"But I'll have some water anyway." He smiled softly.

"Good, good." Zetsu nodded as he set a black hand on the rail and walked smoothly down the stairs. Upon reaching the landing he stopped and waited for Tobi to catch up, yellow eyes glinting in the dim light before turning away and his feet carrying him off toward the kitchens.

The kitchens were not too far, so Tobi entered it rather quickly, making way for Zetsu while keeping a cautious hand on his shoulder. "Mm... Nothing to eat, Zetsu?" He asked, feeling as though he had forgotten something. However, he just poked his head into the fridge, looking for something that may appeal for his master(-Former master).

"No." The man replied curtly, pressing his hand against Tobi's hip and moving him away from the cooling unit to look inside himself. As he stood there, his palm lingered on the pelvic bone he'd just pushed against, and inwardly he rolled his eyes.

"You should eat more, Tobi-san." Zetsu then said, hand dropping to his side as he stood up straight.

"Hm, yeah. Ha, you don't want to turn out like Deidara do you?" With a chuckle he reached into the unit and pulled out a small bottle of sparkling water and broke the cap off before stepping back and taking a long drag.

Tobi pouted again, rubbing his shoulder absent mindedly before sighing. "I guess not." He whispered, wondering why Zetsu commented on this. Tobi did eat well, he was simply not too fussy about it- and he was unused to wearing so little clothing.

"But I'm okay for now, Zetsu." He said, nodding his head and peeking back in the refridgerator again, just incase.

"Good." He nodded, moving and leaning back against a counter for a moment and finishing the drink with a content sigh. Setting down the bottom with a small clatter, Zetsu's glowing eyes watched Tobi before he spoke again.

"You're shoulder better?" The man questioned, head motioning just slightly at the wound.

Tobi shrunk himself in the spot at the question and looked aside before nipping at his lips. "I... It still hurts." He murmured, hand covering it- just incase Zetsu wanted to be cruel to him. "Ah... You can get what you want, Zetsu-san." He smiled sheepishly and hoped to back aside, away from the fridge again.

Just in case.

Look at what you've done to him. The man thought in silence as he turned his head away from Tobi in attempt to look at his other half. Me? You can't up and blame me you dirt bag. You're as much to blame as me. He argued, cracking his neck in the process.

I can, I will, and have. If you had not pushed him- I was not that one that told him it was 'okay' to be held. Hehehe. If you knew how to control your urges for blood- Oh shut up, you can't control yours either.

Finally the two stopped and Shiro looked down, ashamed. The conversation had obviously ended badly. "Do you need more medication?" He asked Tobi, glowing eyes turning up to the boy as he moved forward. "Let me see how it's doing."

Tobi bit his lip and nodded, leaning against the wall rather nervously. He didn't want anyone to touch him right now. At all, but he supposed that was impossible. "U...Uhm... I just need to rest sir. Nothing to worry about. Im sure."

He shuffled further back, until he was pressed to the wall completly. "Dont worry." Tobi didn't like to be afraid of Zetsu, but he was definetly... "Ah... Lets go back to your room, sir. Get your food." He fought down a whine and forced a sheepish smile to mask him.

Clearly the boy was upset, but what was more clear was the face Zetsu had made the moment Tobi had backed away. It wasn't often the strange dual-colored man had the look of pity and shame on his face, a look of such helplessness. However, he felt responsible for his young friends pain and only wished to fix it though he could not as Tobi was in no mood to be helped.

"I'm sorry, Tobi-san." Zetsu said softly, closing the units door. "You should not have to be subjected to this." He continued, looking down like a child filled with quilt. "You may go, I... have work to be done in the library." Shiro hated to attempt banishing his ex-subordinate away, but he couldn't bare to look at the pain in Tobi's face any longer.

He bowed his own head and rubbed the tender shoulder, feeling the raw and pinkened skin under his finger tips. "O...Okay." He looked up for a moment before sliding to the side, towards the door. "Don't leave for you mission without saying goodbye this time." he nodded, pouting to himself.

He hated when Zetsu just left, it made him feel unworthy and cheapened of his value to him. Tobi just wanted to help(it was not so much that he did not want to be helped as he was worried what sort of 'help' Zetsu would provide for him).

"I'll tell ya, kid." The man replied, Kuro sounding kind for once. But there was still a hard dark tone in his voice that irked even the stronger willed people. "Get going. I'm sure you got work to do." Zetsu finished, eyes turning toward Tobi slowly before he stalked out the other side of the kitchen and headed towards his secret library. There was work waiting for him there.

Tobi nodded, "Okay, dont forget your drink.", and turned before biting his lip. He would definetly leave then. He didn't ahve very much work to do, but he did want some space and this was as good as it would get. Zetsu would tell him when he was gone- and Tobi had to prepare for the caring of such a dangerous plant. That meant wearing an extra pair of gloves.

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