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A walk in the garden

Who: Kabuto and Kin

Where: Sound Castle

When: Before heading out to Fire Country

What: A walk in the garden

Warnings: Kin has been hanging around Tayuya too much (bad language)

Patience, as much as Kin liked to brag that she had plenty of, was something she had in very small amounts. Arms crossed over her breasts tightly, jaw set in anger and hip cocked to the side as she waited for Kabuto to show, she was not the picture of perfect. She never had been, actually, but she could have at least stopped sighing and making angry grumbled every few minutes. Long black hair was tied back in its sole purple ribbon, sway being Kin's short stature as she began to pace slightly in pure annoyance.
"He'd better have a good friggen reason why he's late." Kin muttered to herself, eyes looking at the ground now and then when she wasn't focused on the direction in which he should have been coming from. "If he doesn't he's going to get a knock to the face. Break his glasses." She continued, finally stopping and letting her arms fall to her sides and hanging there loosely like a dolls.
"He's not coming. I'm going to kill him. Beat him to a pulp!" She hissed under her breath, thudding her back against a tree as she roughly crossed her arms over her chest and began to stare blanking out into the field. "Not that it even matters..." Kin then continued softly, only she herself could hear. "What do I need civility for, or whatever it's called? I don't... What was I even thinking? Ugh."

Kabuto approached quietly, but couldn't quite catch what Kin had just been muttering about before she whirled and saw him. Before she could accuse him of being late or otherwise huff at him, he gave a slight, polite bow and said mildly, but apologetically, "I'm very sorry I'm late, Kin-chan. Kimimaro was in sudden need of some serious medical attention. I would have sent a messenger to give you notice if I could have found one. I'm sorry I couldn't." He kept his face serious and sincere. This was her first test. Both learning to wait with grace, and seeing how she, herself, reacted to a very civil apology for unintended rudeness on his part. Once he had an idea of how far he had to go, he'd be better prepared to tailor her lessons for both her ability and her temperament.

"You louse! How can you not find someone to message me?" Kin asked loudly, obviously failing her first test. Stepping forward, she looked up into his face with a growl. "But I suppose..." She then stated, backing away as she calmed down and let her arms hang simply at her sides. "Since it was Kimimaro-sama..." As her voice trailed off she smiled softly, it was a very sarcastic smile, but she spoke truthfully. Kin understood completely that Kimimaro and his illness came before she and her class.
"Is Kimimaro-sama doing better, then?" The black haired girl asked cunningly. Perhaps she hadn't failed so royally as one may suspect, and it wasn't as if she hadn't ha classes of this sort. When younger and adopted to a rich family, of whom she hated, she had to be very polite; most especially when at the Hyuuga House.

Kabuto just smiled his usual smile and mildly replied, "Kimimaro-san is doing much better. It's kind of you to ask after him." Adjusting his glasses slightly, he added, "To make up for being late to our first lesson, I'd like to invite you to view the gardens with me. It's a pleasant day, and there are some lovely things in bloom right now."
She had recovered from the first bit of impotent rage well enough, but there was plenty of work to be done to get to the point where she could use her feminine skills to get what she wanted as or more easily as her magic and fighting skills. Kabuto's teaching style wasn't to point out had been done wrong, it was to show what could be done when things were done right. Still smiling, he offered his arm, like a gentleman, and waited for her to take it.

She listened, and watched him, eyes skeptical as she watched his face and that smile... Oh, she wanted to tear his face off. No! Just his lips, she wanted to tear just his lips off so he could not speak properly or smile that nasty smile. How Kin hated that grin, it was hardly even human, and so fake she wanted to spit.
However, she didn't. That would have been unladylike, and so after a somewhat disgusted glance to his arm, she sighed and took it. In her actions, it was as if it were too hard for her to lift her arm and slide it through his, as thought she suddenly had one hundred extra pounds weighted on her shoulders.
"So, are these gardens dead?" Kin questioned with a smirk. "Or will they die the moment you step foot onto their ground?" She couldn't help herself, she just had to sneak some sort of comment in, but in her voice was that sweet proper tone she'd been taught all those years ago. Kin was half surprised she remembered, and half pleased. Perhaps this wouldn't be as bad as she had thought in the first place.

Watching her warring emotions run plainly through her eyes made Kabuto internally sigh and wonder why he was wasting his time with this, there were experiments to see to, new tests to run, and new herbs to try in new doses on the new "patients" they had recently brought in to further Orochimaru-sama's research. Then again, that tone of voice she had just used to badger him... perhaps she had a deeper understanding of this whole civility thing than he had thought. But if she had been introduced to it before and totally rejected it, why would she have asked him to teach her anything at all now? Curious.
He took her arm gently, giving her plenty of space to draw back, merely being a support if she should need one - he expected she would rather push him into an ornamental pond than rely on him to steady her in the case of uneven footing, but he less expected her to lose her feet at all. She was a student of Orochimaru. Instead of replying to her taunt snidely, he answered her question honestly and with all appearance of thoughtfulness.
"The gardens are very much alive. There would be little pleasure in walking through dead greenery." He let the second comment go, and asked, looking her in the eye, "Do you, perhaps, have a favorite flower?"

Kin meanwhile felt she had lost some sort of dignity, but also with an inward sigh and held to his arm loosely. She didn't much want to touch him, let alone his arm, but had to as it was part of the 'lesson'. She remembered this and that, but wasn't sure on it at all. Her lessons included beating if she stepped out of line, a very angry adoptive mother, and taunts from her nasty sisters. Hopefully Kabuto wouldn't be so cruel, and Kin figured he wouldn't, because he did have a genteel side she supposed.
"No." The raven haired girl stated, shaking her head lightly. "I never thought about it." It was true, Kin hadn't spent much time with flowers or nice things, and hadn't liked that either. However, flowers were different, and while she looked at them every day she hadn't looked at them.

Kabuto nodded, unsurprised. "Did you know each flower has a meaning? At least, years ago, people assigned meanings to flowers, making them a language of their own. The bouquet received would have a certain significance if the receiver understood the meanings of the flowers within it." He paused, thoughtful, "It may seem an odd way to send a message, but think of it from a secret language standpoint and it's really quite fascinating."
He led Kin through one of the less used hallways into a space very few people bothered to go. It was out of the way, and with as few people as were in the castle, there was just no reason for every passage to be used, but he and Kin walked into an open courtyard that someone had obviously cared for. It housed a goodly array of flowers, as well as some less showy herbs.
"For you, Kin-chan, I think the amaryllis or the delphinium. Mmm, or lavender or rhododendron. But perhaps even the gladiolus or hydrangea might be good choices to fit your personality.
"Of course, you don't have to have a favorite flower," he gently slid her hand off his arm with a slight bow so she could wander at will and get a good look at whatever she felt like exploring.

Listening to everything Kabuto said, Kin turned her eyes on him as they stepped out doors and he slipped from her grip. Thank God. However, what was he on this time? Something he obviously wasn't sharing, because it must have been pretty good to get him talking about flowers; then he compared her to flowers as well. Not just one, but four, and she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Yes, he was definitely high.
Walking away several steps, she looked down on the bushes of flowers, bright colors she had hardly thought could exist out here in the desolate land of sound. But, they were alive and seemed well. Reaching out, her fingertips touched the soft petals of some yellow beauty or another before Kin stood and faced Kabuto with a questioning gaze.
"You wouldn't be planning on telling me just what exactly it is you're comparing me to, would you?" She asked, walking back over to him. "Because, not to be rude but they all sound ugly. The only two I know are the ladder two, and all I can tell you is that I hate lavender and rhododendron is gross." The black haired girl explained, crossing her arms as the long glossy strands settled behind her. She was hardly trusting of Kabuto at this point, he hadn't earned it, and as far as she was concerned he was probably calling her dirty names without her knowing it.

Kabuto just smiled. "'Latter', not 'ladder'. The yellow iris you just spent time looking at can stand for inspiration, you know." He almost just offered an arm again to continue the stroll and ignore her question, but he might regret that in even more bad attitude from the girl, so he continued, "Delphinium stands for boldness, so I thought it fitting. Rhodedendron can be a warning to beware, which I thought you might find amusing. Lavender, besides it's many useful medical properties like soothing and antibiotic compounds, stands for distrust, so it's the perfect flower for you to send to me. An odd meaning for such a useful flower. Gladiolus means strength of character, and hydrangea means perseverance - an excellent example of your magic studies at this point. Amaryllis represents being rather dramatic. Not necessarily in a bad way, but... " he let his smile finish the thought.
"There are all sorts of secret languages out there. This is just one of them, and one of the less useful ones unless you're dealing with a member of the type of society that still uses it - but in that case it can be invaluable. All secret languages are useful if you know where and when to use them." Kabuto decided not to press the point, but to let her think about that and make of it what she would.

Kin listened through the entire thing, most of the time looking unamused with his answer until he said something like "you to send me" and then she laughed. Her, send him anything? That was rich. However, she did absorb all the information and actually found it fitting to her personality as he described it. Damn he knew a whole shit load of information he really didn't need, why the fuck did he know all that anyhow?
"I know one. I think." She finally said after he was finished and she herself pondered her answer. "Doesn't that white weird-looking one, lily I think, mean death?" Kin questioned, looking up at Kabuto as they walked side-by-side through the gardens. "Or something morbid, whatever."

She was thinking. This was an improvement. He smiled and adjusted his glasses. "Very good. Lilies are often used in funerals, but their meaning can change with the type of lily used. White lilies can symbolize rebirth, which is what makes them popular as a death adornment, but day lilies can convey enthusiasm, while stargazer lilies indicate ambition." As he said it, Kabuto pointed to a stand of tall, multiple bloomed flowers of pink and deep magenta veining and speckles. Those are stargazers. Orochimaru-sama is fond of their fragrance and their meaning.
"As I understand it, you were from a good family, Kin-chan. You must remember a bit of your lifestyle before you joined Orochimaru-sama and the rest of us here in Sound."

Kin listened, but the moment he brought up her family she stopped walking. Her eyes blazed with hate and fury as her jaw locked into place and she fisted her hands. "What did you say?" She asked, her tone quite sharp and angry. Dark eyes closing for a moment, she looked royally pissed off and cracked her neck before opening her eyelids to stare at him. "What would you fuckin' know about my past?" The girl hissed as her eyes of daggers glared at Kabuto. She was in mental anguish already as she hadn't thought about that woman and her step-sisters for years! Ugh, she hoped they were all dead or poor in some ditch. It would serve them right for being such total assholes to her.
"Besides, they weren't my friggen family, you piece of shit." Obviously Kin swore when she was angry, but this was just personal and she loathed talking about it. "She was my step... mom... and sisters. They weren't my real fuckin' family, my parents are dead!" Her voice had steadily risen until she was screaming at him. "They're dead, they up and died on me. Those bastards! They left me to treated like shit from the most obnoxious bitch I've ever had the displeasure to know!" Kin didn't even realize that her right palm was bleeding, her nails having bit right into her skin; she was that angry and trying very hard not to hurt something or someone.

Kabuto let her rant, and when she was done, swiftly and firmly took her hand before she could flinch away. Opening it carefully, he healed the cuts in it, tracing them with his fingertips to seal them. His tone was mild as he said, "Perhaps we should continue this another day. I seem to have said something to upset you."
It had been too easy. He expected a blow up, and he hadn't been disappointed. He researched the pasts of all of the children Orochimaru-sama brought in, but there was no reason to tell her that.
Wiping the remaining blood off of Kin's palm, he put the handkerchief away and let her hand go. "You seem a little tired. The lesson for today is over. It's up to you if you'd like another in the future."

She glowered at Kabuto, arms crossing over her chest before turning her eyes away from him and taking a deep breath. Then another, and another, before she was calm enough to speak at a level tone. "Never bring my past in to these things again. Ever." Kin told him, looking back over her shoulder at him coldly. "I don't want to talk about it."
Really she hated feeling like this, she didn't want to feel anger like that... she didn't want to feel pain or loss either. Not in such a large amount in the least, she didn't want to think she had the capacity either. Kabuto knew she was weak, and Orochimaru knew her boundaries, but no one else did. That's how Kin wanted to keep it.
"So we're just done? Like that?" She wanted to know, derailing from this hellhole of a flashback in her mind.

"Yes, just like that. I don't wish to tire you unnecessarily." Kabuto smiled gently and offered his arm. "May I walk you back to your room, Kin-san?"

"I'm never going to get used to this." Kin replied softly with a sigh, feeling better already as she was distracted. Slowly her hands took his arm and she let her back slump. "Damn I'm tired." Muttered the girl, walking beside Kabuto. "But, thanks."

That last word earned a pair of lifted eyebrows from the Otogakure medic. Very seriously, he replied, "You're welcome. It was my pleasure." Content to leave it at that, he made no effort to spur the conversation further, walking her back to her room so she could get some rest. And some time to think things through. He expected her back soon.


*delayed response* Aha. You're just full of useless information, aren't you, Kabuto-kun? *yes, stole that line. Is living up to his name.*
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