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Majutsu Shi

Where the wind blows on the darkened sky...

Majutsu Shi || A Fantasy Naruto RP
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The Story

Konoha is in the middle of a civil war. A new king has taken the throne and the citizens have found themselves under the control tyranny. Undetected and unnoticed, those known as the "Akatsuki" have moved into the village of the Leaf and become the new rule. The last king has disappeared--he could possibly be dead or worse. People are disappearing from the city every day. Any form of protest is threatened with the result of death. And help is nowhere to be found...

Suna has proclaimed neutrality. (But how long will that last?)

There is talk of suspicious activity to the North. (The Sound are finally moving.)

What does a person do when the only chance is found in the form of rumors... rumors of a rebellion being formed... rumors of those being lost finding their way home... rumors of HOPE? Do they cling to that thought of salvation or do they give in? Do they join those that have wronged them? Do they stay out of the fight? Do they make a pact with the enemy? Or...

Do they create a side all their own?

...What side would you choose?

The Mods

  • Mun-pai (aka Leader-sama & Gaara)
    • Our retired creator.
  • Erin (aka Kakuzu & Kurenai)
    • Head mod, does lots of nifty stuff!
    • AIM: Stormbringer8196
    • Mod journal: hamburger_crow
  • Tessen (aka Temari & Iruka)
    • Does the grunt work- lists, html, etc.
    • AIM: TessenInTheSand

The Info

x THE STORY. MS takes place in a fantasy world that is built with gothic architecture and clothed with the clothing that you would see during the sixteenth to early nineteenth centuries. We give such a wide array of time for the clothing to allow you to go wild with the clothing style. There is also no such thing as "ninja" and "jutsus" in this RP. Everything works on magic; it's fantasy, go wild!

x THE ICON MODEL. Here at MS, we use real people to represent our characters. For an example, check out tori_uta and see the representation of Neji. Don't know where to look? Any model/actor directory is good, and Google is thy friend. All we ask is that there be no pr0n shots and that you at least try to find a picture that matches the character you choose. If you need any help, feel free to ask any of the mods for suggestions.

x THE PLOT. MS is an action-run RP; without a plot, the action would not make much sense, therefore us mods work hard to keep some semblance of a plot visible at all times. If you have an idea for a major plot thing to happen, toss it up to one of us. We love ideas (or at least Hina does).

x THE NARRATOR. To keep the story running, we have a narrator to help with comm-wide story lines. While AIM logs are welcomed (and encouraged! We love character interaction here!), when it comes to a large plot-driven event that might have several people involved, the Narrator (majutsu_gm) will set the scene and possibly even say where you are at the beginning of the post as not to avoid confusion. The Narrator is only there to help with the plot line, not hinder your own personal character interaction.

x THE DEATHS. Because this is an action-based RP, there may be fights. In these fights, characters may get fatally wounded and even sometimes die. We will allow this. However, we ask that you please, PLEASE speak with one of the mods before you kill off a character because while we might be okay with Chiyo dying (she died in the manga, she's old, oh well), it might be a different story with Shikamaru.

x THE LOVE. Here at Majutsu, we believe in the concept of "free love". Anything goes in the love department. Het, yaoi, yuri... it's all good to us, and there should be NO discrimination! Just because you do not like the fact that Shino and Haku had a little sexy adventure in the forest does not mean that you can bash them. However, it also does not mean that you can just go and have Kiba and Kisame go sex each other up because it's your favorite crack pairing; be reasonable people. Have a REASON.

x THE SPOILERS. There is an OOC Comm for a reason, so we do not mind if you talk about the manga over there and whatever is happening with it. We ask that you keep it behind a cut, though, and leave plenty of warning. HOWEVER, as an RP based off of the manga with characters from the Time-Jump and all the way to the latest chapter, we cannot promise that you will never be spoiled.

x THE POINT OF "ON HOLD". If you would like to try for a character but are afraid that it might be taken before you get your application up, you may IM one of the mods and they will put the character "On Hold" for you. This does not mean that you will automatically get the character once you apply; it just means that you have first dibs. You may challenge a hold on a character by simply putting an application up before they do, or by contacting one of the mods and saying that you would like to challenge the Hold. The first holder, however, always is considered first, though. YOU CAN ONLY HOLD A CHARACTER FOR THREE DAYS.

x THE LINKS. 'Nough said.

  1. OOC Comm
  2. Rules
  3. Application
  4. Characters
  5. Quick Add
  6. The Story Thus Far
  7. The Map
  8. The Model List
  9. The Contact List - You must be a member of the OOC Comm.

The Application

1. Name: [Real name or nickname; whatever you want to be known as out of RP.]
2. IM Service: [AIM is required, but throw up any other IM services that you may have.]
3. RPGs: [Tell us where else we might have seen you.]
4. Character Name: [This one is self-explanatory.]
5. Status: [What is your status in society? Go with what we have given you unless you have a burning desire for something different, then contact one of us first before applying.]
6. Character History: [Be as detailed as you want, but the more detail you give, the better it will be for you.]
7. Skills: [These include special abilities such as magic dealing with fire, ice, energy use, shadows, wind, etc. as well as simple physical skills like archery, hand-to-hand combat, sword combat, agility, etc. Do not be Mary-Sue on this please, and please try to have it connect back with your character. (It makes sense for Temari to have magic dealing with wind, but not so much for her to have anything dealing with ice.)]
8. Example RP: [It can be third-person narrative or first-person journal entry. Be in-character and put your character in a situation that they are likely to find themselves in.]
9. Model for Character: [We use real people here to represent our characters, just because it’s more fun that way. So, toss us up the full name of your model or give us a picture; nothing that the little kiddies can’t see, please.]

Fill it out completely--we don't need a novel, but we'd like some detail--and then post it here. Be sure to have read the rules beforehand!

The Characters

Sir Leader - The leader of the Akatsuki. He has taken over Konoha and rules with an iron fist…Though he seems to have higher aspirations as well… sir_king

Zetsu - A member of the Akatsuki. Zetsu resembles a plant more than he does a person, though apparently, at one point, he was a human. He speaks very little of how he came to be the way he is… And he also seems to enjoy eating humans very much. b_n_w_cannibal

Hidan - As one of the members of the infamous Akatsuki, Hidan is known for his violent tendencies and the fact that he absolutely –cannot- die. At one point, he worked for the Uchiha family, and now desires to find the youngest Uchiha, who he knows, was not killed… bleedingscythe

Kakuzu - As the tax collector in Konoha, Kakuzu is generally not well-liked. He is often unfair and tries to squeeze every last penny he can out of people. But be careful; Kakuzu is quick to anger. 4toomanylives

Hoshigaki Kisame - A member of the Akatsuki. Kisame is a fearsome man whose appearance perfectly matches his personality. Rumors say that at one point, he was not even human, but a shark…

Uchiha Itachi - A member of the Akatsuki. Itachi was, at one point, a member of a well known Noble family. But that all ended when he murdered the entire family, though he left one other, aside from himself, alive… He has no particular interest in finding his brother. insultthedevil

Deidara - A stranger from a strange land, Deidara is a member of the Akatsuki. He is an alchemist and has a penchant for explosives and saying the word “yeah.” shinkuno_hanabi

Sasori - Posing as a commoner in Konoha, Sasori works as a highly skilled puppet maker/puppeteer. He is working for the Akatsuki and reports suspicious happenings to the Leader, sometimes taking action into his own, strangely puppet-like hands. eternal_ai

Tobi - He appears to be nothing more than a servant in the Court at Konoha, though there is more to him than he seems…Tobi is a member of the Akatsuki… cinanima_swirl


Danzou - As an Elder of Konoha, Danzou firmly supports the current King. He has a small, yet highly skilled network of spies all throughout Konoha, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.


Hatake Kakashi - Kakashi barely seems the type to be a magician who could rival Tsunade’s power. But, the truth is…he is. He appears to be a kind and simple commoner, but the reality is that he holds an incredible power, along with a special ability given to him by an old friend from the Uchiha clan. wandererkakashi

Maito Gai - Rock Lee’s AMAZING teacher. He brought him up in the art of thievery and is known as the GREEN BEAST because he’s just that strong and awesome.

Sarutobi Asuma - The son of a former king. Asuma is a simple man with simple pleasures. He is a strong fighter, though he does not look like it, and is always smoking a cigarette.

Yuuhi Kurenai - Quite possibly the most beautiful member of the rebellion. She is well-liked by almost all of the male members of the group. crimson_smexy

Gekkou Hayate - Hayate is a highly skilled swordsman and a member of the rebellion group. He is a kind man, and though he always appears drained of energy, he is very powerful.

Ebisu - The SMARTEST and most ELITE member of the rebellion group! Ebisu knows all, hears all, and sees all (and is a closet pervert!).

Namiashi Raidou - A member of the rebel movement.

Shiranui Genma - A member of the rebellion group.

Mitarashi Anko - A woman who never takes no for an answer, Anko is one of the strongest and most determined members of the rebellion. However, she has a horrible secret that she has been hiding for quite some time…

Morino Ibiki - Once a knight of the Court, Ibiki has experienced the horrors of the Akatsuki firsthand. He knows exactly what they are capable of and has joined the rebellion in hopes of preventing their evil from spreading even further.

Yamato - A member of the rebellion group. Yamato is rumored to have links to Orochimaru.

Aburame Shibi - Father of Aburame Shino. Shibi is the head of the Aburame Clan, which was cursed by a member of the Akatsuki. He figured out a way to control the curse, using the insects in his body to spy and as distractions in battle.

Aburame Shino - The son of Aburame Shibi; Shino is a member of the rebellion, alongside men and women like Rock Lee and Mitarashi Anko. He works as an inside man, sending the rebels information through the insects the Akatsuki had originally given him as a curse. kikaichuuxrebel

Rock Lee - A young man who is THE LEADER OF A BAND OF THIEVES!! He steals from the rich and gives to the poor and is also part of a plan to rebel against the Akatsuki!! HE ASPIRES TO BE LIKE MAITO GAI!

Hyuuga Neji - A member of the Hyuuga household, Neji has been denied the right to be the heir because of rules imposed by the current Lord of the house. At a young age, Neji ran away, due to events he would rather not discuss, and has joined the rebellion group, led by the infamous “crook” Rock Lee.

Inuzuka Kiba - A member of the rebellion group. Kiba has powers similar to his sister’s, but also has combative abilities. He is almost never seen without his trusty sidekick, Akamaru.

Nara Shikamaru - The only son of Shikaku, Shikamaru is expected to inherit the business. He is perfectly fine with that, but has somehow managed to get involved with the rebel movement after befriending a certain Yamanaka Ino.

Yamanaka Ino - The only daughter of Lord Yamanaka. Ino is a strong-willed girl and is long-time friends with Haruno Sakura. She is a member of the rebellion and vaguely knows a certain Nara Shikamaru.

Haruno Sakura - A Lady in the Royal Court at Konoha, Sakura sees the treachery taking place in her country and wishes that there was something she could do to stop it. She has just recently joined the rebellion with Kakashi's help and is the object of Rock Lee’s affection. lady_haruno


Uzumaki Naruto - A common boy from Konoha. Naruto yearns to be more than what he is. He wants to become a powerful leader and take his country back to its former glory. But in order to do that, he will need powerful friends… Another curious thing about Naruto is his strange resemblance to the former King…

Tenten - A girl who has always aspired to be more than she is, Tenten disguised herself as a boy to get into Konoha’s military. Now, however, she is beginning to discover secrets she would rather have not known about the leadership in the kingdom.

Umino Iruka - Iruka is well known by the commoners of Konoha. He is a kind hearted man who likes to take in the unfortunate and help them as much as he can. thnx4allthefish

Akimichi Chouji - An apprentice to master chef, Akimichi Chouza, Chouji yearns to do something more. He has heard rumors of the rebellion and wants to join to help save the country…but can’t seem to figure out a way to do it.

Akimichi Chouza - A master chef under the employment of the Noble family, the Yamanakas. His son and apprentice is Chouji.

Hyuuga Hiashi - The Lord of the Hyuuga House.

Hyuuga Hanabi - The younger sister of Lady Hinata of the Hyuuga Family.

Inuzuka Tsume - Hana and Kiba’s mother. Tsume is not a woman to be trifled with. xx_okami_ai_xx

Inuzuka Hana - Kiba’s elder sister. Hana works in an animal vet and has healing powers. healers_flora

Nara Shikaku - A knight turned deer herder. Shikaku now leads a peaceful life with his family, away from the political mess in Konoha.

Nara Yoshino - Shikamaru’s mother.

Yamanaka Inoichi - Ino’s father.

Chiriki - Village Idiot.

Konohamaru - The grandson of one of the former kings, Konohamaru hardly cares about his heritage. He is too busy following Uzumaki Naruto on his crazy adventures.

Moegi - One of Konohamaru’s friends. Moegi also tends to follow Naruto around.

Udon - A friend of Konohamaru and Moegi’s. Udon is not as enthusiastic as they are when it comes to tagging along with Naruto.


Orochimaru - At one point, Orochimaru seemed to be human. His quest for power drove him to discover techniques to gain immortality, along with numerous other incredible abilities. He formed a group of warriors known only as “The Sound.” No one knows of his current whereabouts or of his current appearance…

Yakushi Kabuto - Another trusted disciple of the Sound. Kabuto works closely with Orochimaru and appears to be completely loyal to him…Though he does have a few tricks up his sleeve… scalpel_smile

Kaguya Kimimaro - The Sound’s most treasured disciple. Kimimaro has a highly specialized ability that enables him to use his own bones as weapons. But he is showing signs of deterioration. Leader of the infamous Sound Five, which is said to be able to take any person down. lov3lyb0nes

Sakon/Ukon - Disciples of the Sound. As twin brothers, the two of them are often seen as only one person. They have a fearsome (but unknown to many) ability that makes them the strongest members of the Sound Five behind Kimimaro.

Tayuya - A disciple of Sound. As the only female in the Sound Five, it is pretty surprising to find that she is the one with the foulest mouth and the third strongest (or fourth strongest, depending on how you looked at it). She does not like being fucked with fucking little shitheads who don’t know their goddamn fucking place. inthemelody

Kidomaru - A disciple of the Sound. With four arms, Kidoumaru is definitely the oddest looking creature in the Sound Five. He has some odd connection with spiders and is easily excited when he has found good prey.

Jiroubu - A disciple of the Sound. The largest member of the Sound Five, he is like a rock when he does not want to move. Almost a complete gentleman at first sight and always reprimanding Tayuya for her bad language, Jiroubu can be a fearsome enemy when faced up against.

Dosu Kinuta - One of Orochimaru’s students.

Kin Tsuchi - One of the Orochimaru’s students. tinkling_senbon

Zaku Abumi - One of Orochimaru’s students.


Gaara - When Gaara was a child, a curse was placed on him by a sorcerer named Chiyo. Gaara was meant to be a powerful warrior, but ended up a failed experiment and is now forced into solitude. cursed_desert

Kankuro - The younger brother of Temari, Kankuro was once a human who was turned into a living puppet, enabling him to have an almost immortal lifespan. He is a strong fighter, though he does not care much for his father or for the man who took away his humanity.

Temari - The eldest of the children of the Royal Family in Suna. If there is one thing she isn’t; it is a proper princess. She wants to be able to aide in battle and defend herself, should the time come for such a thing. Baki, a member of the court, gave her a fan with supposedly magical powers… kazeni_naritai

Baki - A member of the court at Suna, Baki took care of the children of the Royal Family. He was the one who gave Temari her fan.

Chiyo - An Elder of Suna, Chiyo is a renowned sorcerer. She is very wise and always has an answer for just about any question. Chiyo is the one who placed the curse on Gaara, under the King’s orders.

Ebizou - An Elder of Suna. Ebizou is Chiyo’s brother.


Sai - Sai simply appears as a painter in the capital city of Konoha…But the truth is, there is much more to him. He is a spy for Danzou, though he also has some connections with the rebellion. It is hard to tell which side he is really on… art_on_my_tummy

Haku - Once a member of a noble family from a foreign country, Haku was taken from his parents by a troll called Zabuza. The troll murdered Haku’s family and then, with Haku, he left the country. Now, years later, the two of them work together as mercenaries. xmercenaries

Momochi Zabuza - The troll who kidnapped Haku. Zabuza is well-known for his fearsome personality and amazing swordsmanship. He works as a traveling mercenary. momocheese

Uchiha Shisui - Found dead at the age of seventeen, nobody knows if this was by his own hand, by the hand of his best friend Uchiha Itachi, or by the hand of Hidan. Despite his known death, rumors have sprung back up, speaking of the possibility of him still being alive... terminalmadness


Yondaime - The former ruler of Konoha. No one knows what happened to him, but many believe that some day, he will return and save Konoha from the darkness that has fallen on it. direct_sunlight
Jiraiya - A magical being of immense power, Jiraiya lives far away from civilization, away from the people who knew him. He prefers to be alone and work on his series of erotica novels, though there are other reasons he does not stay in Konoha as well…

Tsunade - She is a magician of legendary proportion. According to rumor, she has the ability to travel through time and lift any curse. Unfortunately, she and her apprentice, Shizune, have gone mysteriously “missing…” ageless_blonde

Shizune - As Tsunade’s apprentice, Shizune is always working hard and practicing spells. She has followed Tsunade off into unknown territory… princess_keeper

Hagane Kotetsu - One of Tsunade’s two personal assistants. Kotetsu is a powerful magician who wants to become Tsunade’s next apprentice, like Shizune.

Kamizuki Izumo - Kotetsu’s counterpart, Izumo also works for Tsunade, though he is not so concerned with becoming her apprentice.

Rin - A healing magician who is rumored to have worked with Hatake Kakashi. Her whereabouts are unknown. ressesrin

Nii Yugito - A once legendary warrior, Yugito met her downfall at the hands of the Akatsuki. No one knows if she is dead or alive.

Uchiha Sasuke - The other unknown survivor in the Uchiha massacre and believed to be dead by all except Uchiha Itachi and Hidan. Sasuke lives on the streets and only knows the hard side of life. He does not remember much of his life with his family, but he does know perfectly well who their murderer was…And he wants revenge. nikushimi_no_hi

Hyuuga Hinata - The heir of the Hyuuga House. Hinata disagrees with her father’s choices and decides to set out on her own to find her cousin, Neji, and restore the rightful heir to her family. runaway_heir